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Barracuda Networks is a technology company that provides solutions for network and data security, application delivery and data protection. The company offers a range of products such as firewalls, email security, web application firewall, backup solutions, and cloud-based security solutions. Their mission is to provide a secure and fast internet experience for businesses of all sizes. Barracuda Networks is known for its easy-to-use and cost-effective security solutions, which makes it a popular choice for small to medium-sized businesses. The company has a global customer base and a strong partner network that allows it to reach customers in over 150 countries. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative technology, Barracuda Networks continues to be a leader in the security industry.
Barracuda Networks is a company that offers a wide range of cybersecurity products and services. Here is a list of some of the products and services that they offer:

Barracuda Email Protection for Office 365 ( Security, Backup, Archive)
Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Barracuda CloudGen WAF-AS-A-SERVICE
Barracuda Saas Intronis Backup
Barracuda Sentinel
Barracuda Content Shield 
These products and services offer solutions for network security, email security, data backup and recovery, phishing protection, and managed IT services, among others.
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