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Open XDR is a unified, AI-powered approach to detection and response that collects and correlates data from all existing security tools to protect the entire enterprise attack surface effectively and efficiently.
Open XDR, unlike “closed” XDR, works with any underlying security control, including any EDR, eliminating the need for organizations to essentially hand over the control of their security stack to any single vendor. Architecturally, Open XDR is about unifying and simplifying the entire security stack to improve detection and response radically.
At any given organization, a security stack will consist of numerous capabilities like SIEMEDRNDRSOAR, and more. These capabilities were never designed to work with each other, and teams spend too much time managing multiple tools, leading to today’s problems – Too many tools, not enough people, and not the right data. That’s where Open XDR comes in to unify all capabilities, correlate alerts from individual tools into holistic incidents, and simplify by reducing administrative overhead. AI and automation come in as the only technically feasible way of protecting the entire attack surface effectively and efficiently, which is why it is a key architectural attribute of Open XDR.
The outcome of Open XDR is protecting your environments from threats from a single platform versus multiple tools with weak or non-existent connections band-aiding it all together. And the outcome of Open XDR is radically improved detection and response at a price anyone can afford.

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