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.11.09 A: Let's say I get ffmpeg version 0.6.2-4:0.6.2-0ubuntu2, Copyright (c) 2000-2012 the Libav developers and I want to install version 0.6.4 of the libav project. But I do not want to keep my old ffmpeg package. How do I install a specific version of the libav project? You may wish to investigate using checkinstall: Or the DPM (Debian Package Manager) command line program: 5-Step Guide to Becoming a New Doctor Last Updated on February 20, 2020 Our job of becoming a new doctor is one of the most exciting in medicine, and it is a responsibility that we take very seriously. There are many factors involved in becoming a new doctor. 1. Family The first thing you need to consider is the health of your family. Although some new graduates may be willing to support their family while they train, others are already struggling to cover the cost of paying for school and their families. A good thing to think about is whether you can commit to your family first. 2. Career The next thing you should think about is your career path. If you want to become a physician, you should seriously consider specialising in your desired specialty. Specialising in a specific area will make it more likely that you get the training that you need and the job that you want once you graduate. 3. Work Environment Another very important factor to consider is where you are going to train. Some residency programs are in very cold places, and you will be expected to wake up at 4am on some mornings to train. Make sure that you are comfortable with the climate, and the right kind of environment for you to train. 4. Location The final important factor is where you are going to live. Some graduates may already be in a large city or a small town. If you are planning to work somewhere different, make sure that you have made the necessary arrangements for you and your family. 5. Money




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