The software giant Playtech choose Cylance to deal with the next generation Cyber threats on all company’s endpoints.

Tel Aviv, Israel - April 15, 2018 - CLOUDWAY, representing leading next-generation solutions in the field of cloud and cyber official representative of Cylance Israel announced that it has been on securing thousands of end stations of the company Playtech.

Heine Playtech platform is the world's leading provider of online gaming. The company is traded on the AIM in London, offering value-added solutions to the industry's leading operators. Since the establishment of Playtech in 1999, the company focuses on the continuous development of products and content to best-in-class games and has strong partnerships with major operators in the online gaming market.


Cylance was established in 2012 and is the first company that applied artificial intelligence by developing an algorithm based learning machine, allowing the solution to anti-virus software based on "proactive" which was to improve the way in which companies, governments and end-users can resolve the security issues of the most difficult in the world.


Using a mathematical process materialized breakthrough and Cylance identify quickly and accurately what is safe and what is a threat to the end station and not only what is in the black list or white. By coupling sophisticated machine learning math with a unique understanding of the mentality of the hacker, Cylance provides technology and services to be truly predictive measure against advanced threats.


Elad Avrahami information security manager CSO of the group that spread across Europe, Asia and Australia, states that although the company uses anti-virus solutions and protection stops the leading edge in Elad there was evidence that "the end stations were not protected enough against Zero-Day-Attacks. Feasibility attacks ransom , browser vulnerabilities and malicious email content rose dramatically and we had to come up with complete solutions to minimize the risk. "


Elad began the search for a solution capable of handling threats Zero-Day-Attacks, after consultation with box solutions and after that he found acceptable solutions are too complex to deploy and manage specially isolated environment which is disconnected from the network to the WAN organization was offered Playtech consider Cylance solution leading. "After the POC with a leader in the field, it was decided that Cylance provide the best solution in terms of a supplementary protection solution leading edge in terms of ease of management and in terms of the ROI"


Hadar Eshel, CEO Cloudway "We chose to bring to Israel a global leading technologies that combine innovation in their fields , stability and number of customers proves the stability and continuity. Information security procedures in the country are very strong and we are happy about the decision of Elad and are confident in its success

Elad Avrahami Playtech CSO, CISSP